Welcome to Restaurant Hokkaido


Welcome to restaurant Hokkaido.

We serve genuine Japanese cuisines at 2 restaurants operated by Japanese owners and chefs in Bangkok.

We assure you of the highest quality of crabs and the other fresh seafoods imported directly from Hokkaido in Japan.

Please grab a taste of each dishes of “Tarabagani (king crab)”,”Zuwaigani (snow crab)” and “Kegani (horsehair crab)”, Sushi and Sashimi which are prepared by experience and excellent chefs.

In addition, we also make every kind of Japanese dishes like “Donburi (bowl of rice topped with the main dishes)” ,“Otsumami (Snacks)” like “Teishokuya (diner)” or “Izakaya (Japanese style bar)”.

We are loved not only by Japanese but also Thai and people of many nationalities.

We wait your visit and hope you’ll enjoy eating in our restaurants.

  restaurant Hokkaido