Crabs from Hokkaido

The most signature menu of us are  the highest quality crabs from Hokkaido, Japan.

We procure them directly through the original route from Hokkaido.

We serve not only the simply boiled whole crabs and the baked crabs, but also the many kind of the dishes which use the crabs.

Tempura (deep-fried) of crab, Sushi of crab, Gratin of crab, Coroquettes of crab, etc…

Please enjoy their supreme taste of our Traba Gani (King crab), Kegani(Horsehair crab), Zuwai Gani(Snow crab) !

(“Kani” mean “Crab” in Japanese. And the sound sometimes changes to “Gani” .)


About King Crab


About Horsehair Crab


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