We serve the wide range of Japanese cuisine.

The menus we are proud are not only our signature “Crabs” and “Sushi“.

Sashimi“(raw fish), boiled fish, grilled fish, “Nabemono“(hot pot dishes), meat dishes, “Katsudon“(rice with fried pork),”Tendon“(rice with “Tempura“), “Udon“(Japanese wheat noodle), “Soba“(Japanese buck wheat noodle), porridge of rice and crab, “Izakaya” menu (snacks menu at  the Japanese style pub, like “Edamame“, “Hiyayakko“.. ) …

You can eat all kind of Japanese dishes here in Bangkok, Thailand!

Our restaurant is also suitable for the introduction experience of  genuine Japanese food culture for Thai people and the people from the other countries.

In addition, We have a plenty of the room for parties , business meetings.

We are welcome to receive  the reservation and the inquiry about the use!!

※A part of the menu of Surawong Main Restaurant